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Daisypath Anniversary tickers


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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July Movies

gsc n home:

( / ) Despicable me 3D 
( / ) The sorcerer`s apprentice
( / ) The Back Up Plan
( / ) Marie Antoinette
( / ) The Hangover
( / ) Never Back Down
( / ) Fantastic Mr Fox
( / ) American Pie Book of Love
( / ) Shes Out of My League
( / ) Killers
( / ) The Losers
( / ) Salt
( / ) Meet the Spartans
( / ) Clash of the Titans
( / ) Hancock

tu je.

Spammer blogger

caner nk benti follow blog orang?

Invitation card. A wedding invitation card!


what do u think?


that blue ones driving me crazy!!

i want the second one! i rarely fall for pastel bag, but this bag is so drop dead gorgeous!

the red circled bag: demi moore spotted donning this bag. see here.

i really hope i can buy any dior handbag before dec 31st, 2012! :)

thats my vision! :)

mr D! here i come! :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crocs Lily

Thnx sayang for this
i was looking for pregancy-friendly shoes, and my hubby suggest i should have this flats.

i agreed, then he bought a pair straightaway.

thnx hubby!

btw, i`m not a preggy mommy yet...
do pray for us..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Planning For My 2nd honeymoon

i am looking forward for my second honeymoon. probably in phuket, or jakarta or ho chi minh. or bali maybe.... :)

now i want to plan and present the plan to my hubby and hope he`ll approve the trip as well as the budget. :p

p/s: hubby, u`re the most handsome guy i ever met! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quilted Coach

What if Coach keluarkan handbag quilted?

i`ll go crazy!!! 
serta merta i akan ke butik Coach The Gardens tu.

Demam durian

semalam demam panas.
mungkin pasal makan durian banyak sangat.

i teramat sangat suka durian.
gi secret recipe pun order durian cheesecake.

anyway, hari ni ada pesta durian kat kolej ni.

nak join ke x?

increase of credit limit

credit card i dah tambah lagi 1k credit limit.

p/s- i`m looking for a COMFORTABLE shoes for work now. clark will be nice maybe.

any suggestion?

If its not ok for my parents, then its not for me.

dia kata nanti boleh pegi melancong oversea.
i dah gi.

dia kata nanti boleh pakai bag Coach.
i dah ada 2 bijik. (insyaAllah raya ni tambah lagi sebijik.)

dia kata nanti boleh tolong parents.
parents i dh lame stabil.

dia kata masa depan kita tak tahu macamana.
i dah ada insurans.

i memang nak perbaiki hidup, tapi bukan dengan cara sebegitu.

biar lambat, asal selamat.

yang penting dalam rezeki yang kita dapat, ada restu parents and suami.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

one big family

Wedding - Mama n ayah

The most important people, mama n ayah

Wedding - Hantaran Kepada Pihak Perempuan

Make-up set and skincare (Clinique)
Sejadah dan Al-Quran
Kain Pasang Sutera Crepe
Mas kahwin RM1001.00
Perfume and Bodycare (Victoria Secret)
Handbag (Coach)
Wedges (Jessica Simpson)
Brownies (Secret Recipe)

Wedding - Hantaran Kepada Pihak Lelaki

Shoe, Perfume Set, Watch, Wallet and Belt (all from Kenneth Cole)
Brownies (Secret Recipe)
Wedding ring (Kedai Emas Zubaidah)
Baju Melayu 
Al-Quran dan Terjemahan
Chocolate (Hersheys Hugs and Kisses)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010