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Daisypath Anniversary tickers


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Monday, April 26, 2010

I`m getting married! :)

xlame lagi i akan dpt title PUAN secara rasmi. :)
in about 6 weeks. cant wait!
but still lots of shopping to get done. huh...getting married requires large sum of money. i should have get thing-to-do sorted to help me through this preparation period.
i have to buy door gift for children, buy ring, shoes, hijab, veil, pay for makeup artist,tailor, invitation card printing and etc. plus, i have to make sure all my job is done because i will take a long leave for my honeymoon.
rumors said and i heard that in June, our library will went through tough time because of -------(wont mentioned here. its PNC.) lallalalalala....(singing merrily) **escaping song! its not me yang do all the shit stuff. so memang sepatutnya elly dikecualikan dr debaran ini. lagipun dia cam xrespect kami. proverb said "Give respect to earn respect."
ok, ignore the work probs.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kursus Pembaikan dan Pinjilidan Buku

Its all about Ariani :)

the three of us always get dizzy when we entered the Ariani boutique. We will busy selecting hijab, trying, choosing colours. All the things in the boutique drives us crazy.
not to mentioned when i went to this boutique with my mama. she will "kak sini kak, sini..."kak ce tgk mama pkai tdung ni, ok x?""kak, kaler ni ok x?"n finally..."mama nk tudung ni, ni,.ni ngan ni... :)" thats my mom! :) hahahha...

ok, back to our us trip to BUTIK ARIANI PLATINUM @ Jalan Masjid India, KL. We end up buying 7tudung! thanks to the sale.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Malaysia International Shoes Festival 2010

"The Malaysia Shoe International Shoe Festival 2010 will be held n Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) from 2 ~ 4 April 2010.

This prestigious event – Malaysia Shoe International Shoe Festival marks an attempt to turn the capital city of Kuala Lumpur into the ‘Shoe City of the East’

The world famous Dato’ Jimmy Choo serves as the advisor of this event which features a seminar on the various aspect of footwear, an exhibition of the works of selected local and international shoe designers and glamorous shoe fashion show.

i and my bff went to this festival. we arrive at KL and checked in at 4pm, then dashing straight to PWTC to join the crowd of shoesaholics!

we really cant help ourselves when it comes to shoes. everyone of us suddenly gets dizzy,hyperventilating, over-excited over the shoe show. shoes from bill keith, jimmy chia, zhang toi impressed me and their collections are up for sale, while designers shoes such as DIOR, CELINE, SALVATORE, AIGNER, MANOLO BLAHNIK, CHANEL ,GUCCI were placed in exhibition glass. the climax of the festival is all about jimmy choo! i was shocked to death for the price of Jimmy Choo`s which are equal to a bungalow or luxury condo! here`s are some of them.

can u guys imagine me, bringing a packed gunny of money, then went to the PWTC, and returned home with just a pair of shoes?! yet still driving a viva and work as gov servant. hahahah...what a waste. :p

these are pictures from kak marlina`s digicam. :)

i will upload more pictures soon! cant wait for kak marlina to transfer the pictures of us during 5busiest days of the week!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Man Left Wife at Petrol Station

A Macedonian drove six hours across Italy and into Germany before noticing he had left his wife at a petrol station.Ljubomir Ivanov , 35, only realised he had forgotten wife Iskra, 37, when he got a call on his mobile from police to say she was still waiting for him at the petrol station near Pesaro, in central Italy.He said, 'I filled up the tank with petrol, paid and then just drove off. I was very tired and not thinking straight.'She usually sits in the back seat so I didn't really see she wasn't there, until I got a call when I was already in Germany.' Mr Ivanov immediately drove back to Pesaro to pick up his wife so they could resume their holiday.'I had a lot of apologising to do, 'he said.

**we women have to prepare for sometimes mens forgot that they`re married. sigh...