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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

short call

wife : sayang kat mane?
husband : low yat
wife : low yat ke lot 10?
husband : H&M
wife : sayang!!!! sampai hati.


husband : low yat la sayang... :)

leisure at its best

during free time, i love to read. i love to read entertainment materials since i was 9. even worse back then, i love to read in the toilet. i was thinking how my time were wasted when i'm in toilet and i think i should do something useful. i started with shampoo bottles. i read the description on the bottles, only then i learned that i can bring my comics to the toilet. now i am a woman, i don't brings anymore reading materials to the toilet. only playing with my hair whenever i got bored in there. 
the point is, i love to read. my favorite is novel, specifically, chick-flick type. i love Sophie Kinsella. i have no idea how she wrote her novel, because once i read them, i cant put it down. it seems like i cant do anything else as long as i didn't finished reading it. her writings is alive and most of all, understandable.
few weeks ago, my reading lamp has broken. i cant read during bedtime anymore. and my only leisure is when i am on the bed, while trying to get asleep. and now i have about 5 books to read. i brought them to the office to see if i can sneak a time to read, but i cant.
i miss the leisure i have had during uni time, especially after an exam. i used to borrow books from the library since i have not enough money to buy books. furthermore, the library have a wide selection of novel, which far too many compared to the library i am working in the present.
oh how i cant wait for December because of the Big Bad Wolf International Bookfair at MAEPS! i will buy load of books i cant imagine because they had their items discounted til 95% off!

p/s: start saving! :)

Teman Pengganti

Lirik Lagu Teman Pengganti : Black ft Malique

Ketawa bersama
Menangis bersama
Ku bersumpah harap kita
Mati pun bersama

Sejak dua menjak ini
Makin kerap ku diganggu visi
Bila celik, juga bila mimpi
Aku nampak kau, tapi bukan aku yang di sisi
Dia membelaimu dengan izin dan permisi
Sentuhan katanya semuanya kau iakan
Sentuhan jari kau diamkan dan biarkan
Aku redha walau tidak ku damba
Walau hampa semuanya dah dijangka

Beberapa purnama dulu cinta bertahta
Kenangan dibina kita indah belaka
Ketawa bersama, menangis bersama
Ku bersumpah harap kita mati pun bersama
Namun hakikatnya, bukan mudah
Aku sembunyikan gulana-gundah
Segalanya kan berubah
Dengarkan apa yang ku mahu luah

*Rahsia ini
Telah lama ku pendamkan
Tiba masanya
Ku ceritakan
Aku kan pergi
Pergi ku tak akan kembali
Tiba masanya
Kau cari teman pengganti

Dalam dunia yang maya, prejudis dan bias
Kita tak terlepas dari terkena tempias
Rimas, ditindas, sembunyi dalam puisi dan kias
Tidak kau bidas, tak berpaling walau sekilas
Hanya kau yang tahu kodeksku yang kompleks
Dalam disleksia cuba kekal dalam konteks
Bila dunia seolah tak memahami
Kau sudi selami, dalami dan mengalami

Setia mendengar, sentiasa hadir
Ingat setiap ulangtahun, setiap hari lahir
Tiba pagi Syawal, kaulah yang terawal
Syawal yang terakhir ini pasti rasa janggal
70 000 hijab harus ku singkap
Ku sorok kitab balik tingkap penjara hinggap
Dalam diam ada, seorang yang ku puja
Kau teristimewa tapi dia yang sempurna

Ulang *

Sejak dua menjak ini, ku mencari fungsi kewujudan
Dalam persekitaran yang penuh kejumudan
Terperangkap dalam jasad, ku keliru
Mujur ada kau si peneutralisasi pilu
Namun aku tetap murung, berkurung
Tubuh makin susut, menunggu tarikh luput
Komplikasi di halaman rusuk kiri
Makin sukar nak bernafas, nak bergerak, nak berdiri

Lagu ini yang terakhir aku sajikan
Kalau rindu nanti bolehlah kau nyanyikan
Jaga diri, jangan makan hati
Yang patah kan tumbuh, yang hilang kan berganti
Bilik dah ku kemas, katil dah ku rapi
Cincin, kunci, dompet dalam laci
Ada sikit wang, itu saja baki
Moga-moga cukup untuk majlis itu nanti

Aku kan pergi
Bertemu kekasih abadi
Tiba masanya
Kau cari teman pengganti

Sumber : sini

Sunday, October 7, 2012

next vacation

planning for a vacation is tempting. we (me and hubby) are planning for a trip to Johore Bahru this coming December  after attending cousin's wedding at Sungai Buloh on the 15th. Insyaallah...besides visiting my bestie, we are thinking of going to Legoland. speaking of bestfriend, nazeerah is one of mine since 2004. i love her, even we don't really see each other often, we emailed almost everyday. we do meet, only annually because of the distance, but then when we meet, we always forgot to capture picture of us. silly us.
when we are on our vacation, i love to spend on what i desire without even thinking of how broke we could be after the vacation. my hubby is the one who beringat while on trip. so, for the next trip, as usual, i will save a sum of money to make sure i can buy anything i like. (",)
sure enough, when we are at JB, we will visit JPO too. last time i went to JPO, i ended up buying only clothes, because i cant afford to buy shoes i like. (i didn't touch my salary though, only on what i saved for the trip)

planning and budgeting motivates us to save. even the feeling of splurging on things i like can motivates me to save more money.

p/s: some say splurging on vacation is a waste. i was once convinced by them to save, put the money in the bank, and use it when you are old. what a ridiculous, ridiculous thought.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

bed sheets

I am particularly fussy when it comes to quality. I don't mind spending good money on items that will satisfy me in the end. I.e.: I was once entered Bata at Capita Mall, Kuantan. I was hoping that I can open my eyes and buy anything from it since they have a range of beautiful handbag on Marie Claire brand. My eyes glued on one glossy satchel, and within a blink on an eye, I asked the sales assistant to hand me the bag. Note that the bag located on top of the display shelf. When I have the bag on my hand, I carefully checked the sewing, trimming, material, zipper and all, only to find out that the bag was poorly made. I was frustrated because I was secretly hoping that I can buy a normal or averagely affordable bag. 
Same goes to shoes. Even crocs shoes are hated, I found myself loved them! I love crocs it’s so comfortable and you can run in it and people won’t notice if you walk behind them because they are silent. (I am working in the library. Silent and library is synonym). I used to buy vincci and nose and stuff, but then, I realized, I only turn to my crocs flats at the end. I.e.: if I am planning to wear heels, I will bring along my flats or at least my flip flop just in case I hurt my feet.  T-T 
In my case, I put myself and my health first, even-though being a government servant, it is proper to wears heels. Also, some say that heels are so IN and you have to wear heels for social acceptance. To the hell with that. I won’t sacrifice my health for trend for god sake. "We should spend more on shoes. Buy Clarks. Because bad shoes resulting bad health" (Mama, year 2004)
When it comes to clothes, I lowered my fussiness level because being this BIG, choosing clothes is the most hardest part for me. One of the labels offered plus sizes clothes are FYI in parkson kuantan. The price range of the clothes is a bit high though. It ranges between rm99 to rm300. I am trying to go on a strict diet, because choosing clothes are f**king hard, but failed. (Type this while eating nasi lemak for breakfast). Here, in kuantan, shopping is limited. I always end up shopping in kl or online because of the size. P/s: I bought 3 tops on Dorothy perkins online last night. Few days before, I bought a top from asos. I love dorothy perkins btw. So far, the clothes fit me perfectly and the materials are good. Another brand is forever 21. I used to buy from forever 21 since studying in uitm for my diploma. Never fails me. Most of my tops are plain.  I don't mind what other people think of me and what I am wearing, it’s my passion. My passion of wearing the best quality of clothing I can afford. 
As for bed sheets, I am settled for the best so far. I have tried various brand and price of bed sheets. More pricey, more comfy. Sleep is for health, and I won’t compromise my health. I won’t let the shitty uncomfortably bed sheets ruins my sleep. My mama sells homemade bed sheet btw. Rm600 including comforter. Let me know if you are interested.

As long as I can describe how I am chasing for the best stuff, I admit I am a loser when it comes to hand phones and gadget. Kbai.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

endless end

i guess that is the end for me too. i am no longer can buy watch, shoes and purse online. 
please tell me how to use amazon. i really have to know how to shop on amazon without paying shipping cost as offered on endless.

Monday, October 1, 2012

keep calm and prioritize

if you have more money...



this is one of my favourite..

not for me, i prefer ice cream

to throw on the face..


mentally died..

keep calm and 9gag like i have no other life. :p

i will...

if only...

dorothy perkins, here i come....


i prefer red velvet cuppies. yummeh!

and the most of all..