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Sunday, October 7, 2012

next vacation

planning for a vacation is tempting. we (me and hubby) are planning for a trip to Johore Bahru this coming December  after attending cousin's wedding at Sungai Buloh on the 15th. Insyaallah...besides visiting my bestie, we are thinking of going to Legoland. speaking of bestfriend, nazeerah is one of mine since 2004. i love her, even we don't really see each other often, we emailed almost everyday. we do meet, only annually because of the distance, but then when we meet, we always forgot to capture picture of us. silly us.
when we are on our vacation, i love to spend on what i desire without even thinking of how broke we could be after the vacation. my hubby is the one who beringat while on trip. so, for the next trip, as usual, i will save a sum of money to make sure i can buy anything i like. (",)
sure enough, when we are at JB, we will visit JPO too. last time i went to JPO, i ended up buying only clothes, because i cant afford to buy shoes i like. (i didn't touch my salary though, only on what i saved for the trip)

planning and budgeting motivates us to save. even the feeling of splurging on things i like can motivates me to save more money.

p/s: some say splurging on vacation is a waste. i was once convinced by them to save, put the money in the bank, and use it when you are old. what a ridiculous, ridiculous thought.

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