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Thursday, October 4, 2012

bed sheets

I am particularly fussy when it comes to quality. I don't mind spending good money on items that will satisfy me in the end. I.e.: I was once entered Bata at Capita Mall, Kuantan. I was hoping that I can open my eyes and buy anything from it since they have a range of beautiful handbag on Marie Claire brand. My eyes glued on one glossy satchel, and within a blink on an eye, I asked the sales assistant to hand me the bag. Note that the bag located on top of the display shelf. When I have the bag on my hand, I carefully checked the sewing, trimming, material, zipper and all, only to find out that the bag was poorly made. I was frustrated because I was secretly hoping that I can buy a normal or averagely affordable bag. 
Same goes to shoes. Even crocs shoes are hated, I found myself loved them! I love crocs it’s so comfortable and you can run in it and people won’t notice if you walk behind them because they are silent. (I am working in the library. Silent and library is synonym). I used to buy vincci and nose and stuff, but then, I realized, I only turn to my crocs flats at the end. I.e.: if I am planning to wear heels, I will bring along my flats or at least my flip flop just in case I hurt my feet.  T-T 
In my case, I put myself and my health first, even-though being a government servant, it is proper to wears heels. Also, some say that heels are so IN and you have to wear heels for social acceptance. To the hell with that. I won’t sacrifice my health for trend for god sake. "We should spend more on shoes. Buy Clarks. Because bad shoes resulting bad health" (Mama, year 2004)
When it comes to clothes, I lowered my fussiness level because being this BIG, choosing clothes is the most hardest part for me. One of the labels offered plus sizes clothes are FYI in parkson kuantan. The price range of the clothes is a bit high though. It ranges between rm99 to rm300. I am trying to go on a strict diet, because choosing clothes are f**king hard, but failed. (Type this while eating nasi lemak for breakfast). Here, in kuantan, shopping is limited. I always end up shopping in kl or online because of the size. P/s: I bought 3 tops on Dorothy perkins online last night. Few days before, I bought a top from asos. I love dorothy perkins btw. So far, the clothes fit me perfectly and the materials are good. Another brand is forever 21. I used to buy from forever 21 since studying in uitm for my diploma. Never fails me. Most of my tops are plain.  I don't mind what other people think of me and what I am wearing, it’s my passion. My passion of wearing the best quality of clothing I can afford. 
As for bed sheets, I am settled for the best so far. I have tried various brand and price of bed sheets. More pricey, more comfy. Sleep is for health, and I won’t compromise my health. I won’t let the shitty uncomfortably bed sheets ruins my sleep. My mama sells homemade bed sheet btw. Rm600 including comforter. Let me know if you are interested.

As long as I can describe how I am chasing for the best stuff, I admit I am a loser when it comes to hand phones and gadget. Kbai.

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