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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

leisure at its best

during free time, i love to read. i love to read entertainment materials since i was 9. even worse back then, i love to read in the toilet. i was thinking how my time were wasted when i'm in toilet and i think i should do something useful. i started with shampoo bottles. i read the description on the bottles, only then i learned that i can bring my comics to the toilet. now i am a woman, i don't brings anymore reading materials to the toilet. only playing with my hair whenever i got bored in there. 
the point is, i love to read. my favorite is novel, specifically, chick-flick type. i love Sophie Kinsella. i have no idea how she wrote her novel, because once i read them, i cant put it down. it seems like i cant do anything else as long as i didn't finished reading it. her writings is alive and most of all, understandable.
few weeks ago, my reading lamp has broken. i cant read during bedtime anymore. and my only leisure is when i am on the bed, while trying to get asleep. and now i have about 5 books to read. i brought them to the office to see if i can sneak a time to read, but i cant.
i miss the leisure i have had during uni time, especially after an exam. i used to borrow books from the library since i have not enough money to buy books. furthermore, the library have a wide selection of novel, which far too many compared to the library i am working in the present.
oh how i cant wait for December because of the Big Bad Wolf International Bookfair at MAEPS! i will buy load of books i cant imagine because they had their items discounted til 95% off!

p/s: start saving! :)

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