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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Its all about Ariani :)

the three of us always get dizzy when we entered the Ariani boutique. We will busy selecting hijab, trying, choosing colours. All the things in the boutique drives us crazy.
not to mentioned when i went to this boutique with my mama. she will "kak sini kak, sini..."kak ce tgk mama pkai tdung ni, ok x?""kak, kaler ni ok x?"n finally..."mama nk tudung ni, ni,.ni ngan ni... :)" thats my mom! :) hahahha...

ok, back to our us trip to BUTIK ARIANI PLATINUM @ Jalan Masjid India, KL. We end up buying 7tudung! thanks to the sale.


wenkhadi said...

dapat bonus ke elly???

Elly said...

xdpt..bkn bonus, gaji je..muahahha...tp tu la..elly mmg teruk bab2 shopping ni....spend first, think later! :)