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Monday, April 26, 2010

I`m getting married! :)

xlame lagi i akan dpt title PUAN secara rasmi. :)
in about 6 weeks. cant wait!
but still lots of shopping to get done. huh...getting married requires large sum of money. i should have get thing-to-do sorted to help me through this preparation period.
i have to buy door gift for children, buy ring, shoes, hijab, veil, pay for makeup artist,tailor, invitation card printing and etc. plus, i have to make sure all my job is done because i will take a long leave for my honeymoon.
rumors said and i heard that in June, our library will went through tough time because of -------(wont mentioned here. its PNC.) lallalalalala....(singing merrily) **escaping song! its not me yang do all the shit stuff. so memang sepatutnya elly dikecualikan dr debaran ini. lagipun dia cam xrespect kami. proverb said "Give respect to earn respect."
ok, ignore the work probs.

1 comment:

duOne_sTarz said...

tahniah...anda dah mahu kahwen ny..so, selamat berbahagia