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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Confession of a shopaholic

I`m halfway finishing my novel,"confession of a shopaholic" from Sophie Kinsella. just bought it at Kinokuniya, Klcc. I`m a bit ketinggalan because the novel dah lame launch. sophie kinsella really did a great job for the shopaholic range. maybe this book will make me realize that i have to control my passion for spending. i did shop a lot. almost everyday. it doesnt have to take me to the mall to shop. even now, in my tab, theres 2 shopping blog waiting for me to browse their items. but when i`m in klcc yesterday, i`m not in mood of shopping. in all of sudden. it was a very rare feeling. maybe because of my clothings i think. i have to put on baju kurung to suit my talk at corus hotel at 2 pm. so sad. :(

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