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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dear BAG,

I really wish by the end of this year, i can have an original COACH Handbag! By the time i`m writing this post, i cant afford to buy any bag because of my financial status for this and a month ahead...really tight. :( hmmm...let me share u bout this really-make-me-wanna-dance bag. When i and my office mates wondering around KTrg town for a place to lunch, a bag really caught my eyes and i wish i can jump straight from a car to the store just to check weather this bag is for real or just my imagination. gosh..its really-really cool..and real...Vincci bag just designated exactly similar to Coach Ergo. have a look at this picture:-

this is original COACH ERGO PATTERN

...and the price is far more cheaper than COACH. Its only cost RM109.90. Girls, u should take a look at Vincci and compare it urself. I think i`m gonna get one before its too late. maybe i can use my magic card.... (as what becky bloomwood said when she was small). i repeat, its exactly the SAME! (Minus the material)

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