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Daisypath Anniversary tickers


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


What kind of alley does a ghost prefer to haunt?
A dead end.

Why wasn't the vampire working?
He was on his coffin break.

What did the mother ghost say to the baby ghost?
Fasten your sheet belt.

What is a vampires favourite type of ship?
A blood vessel.

What's a ghosts favourite ride at the carnival?
The roller ghoster

What was a witch's favourite subject when they were in school?

What musical instrument does a skeleton play?
A trombone.

What do skeletons always order at a restaurant?
Spare ribs!

Why don't skeletons like parties?
They have no body to dance with.

Why did the mummy call the doctor?
Because her baby was coffin.

What did Dr. Frankenstein get when he put his goldfish's
brain in the body of his dog?
I don't know, but it is great at chasing submarines.

Why did the vampire's lunch give him heartburn?
It was a stake sandwich.

Dracula decided he need a dog, which breed did he choose?
A blood hound.

What do you call serious rocks?
Grave stones.

What do you call pretend rocks?

What would you call the ghost of a door-to-door salesman?
A dead ringer.

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