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Thursday, May 28, 2009


So many days flew away without updating my blog. Theres a lot of things happened lately. maybe i should list some, to make sure all the good old days permanently save in this blog (or should i say it diary.....hmmm..) i`ll try my best to recall..
  1. the arrival of my new handbags. the pink corduroy.
  2. 3 pairs of shoes in 30minutes. thnx Vincci for the sale.
  3. Scandalous. XOXO. U know u love me.
  4. i'm getting tanner than ever
  5. the 2nd batch handbags business just started
  6. new gold bracelet
  7. new green RayBan-shaped sunglasses
  8. speed trap summon
  9. 2 terengganu silk for my latest baju kurung
  10. swarovski diamond anne klein watch for my mama on mothers day
i cant recall completely. appreciate if u guys can help me to recall. blur.....

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