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Saturday, June 6, 2009

My june 2009 resolutions

i cant stop shopping, even for things i never need! :( i just cant help myself when its comes to shop. even when i don't have cash. i feel terrible now thinking of the debts which i don't even know when it will end. since i don't have any part time job to cover all the excess expenses, i make list of resolution and i really hope it`ll help me settling all the problems.
here`s the list.

  1. buy things i dont need
  2. buy handbags for 3 months
  3. buy shoes for 3 months
  4. buy jeans for 3 months
  5. buy any skincare products til the end of this year (i have tonnes, so no worries)
  6. buy clothes, until i lost few kilos
  7. buy new handphone this year
  8. buy jewelries (having the debts settled is way more important)
  1. cut the cost of lunch by having brunch
  2. save on dinner ( i can cook)
  3. save petrol (hibernating is better than polluting) *wink*
  4. cut my bad eating habits
  5. find a part time job
wish me all the best for trying to lead a life in a better way! :)

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