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Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Job, New Workplace

The transformation begins on the 1st of July 2009, which has transformed me from Executive of Ijtihadik Division of IISB to Pen. Peg. Perpustakaan of PNM.
I was posted to Kg Fikri`s Desa Library, Setiu (about 65km from my hometown). Kg Fikri is the village’s village! No market, no restaurant, no bookstore, no petrol station, no 3G coverage, no 7e-even more. Most of all, NO INTERNET CONNECTION! For that, I decided to drive everyday which took me about 45mins each journey.

I’ve decided to move to this job not because of money. Bare in mind, although I love shopping, money is not the reason why I quit. Even now, I have my salary shorten by moving to this new job. I sacrifice a lot (traveling alone, shortage of salary, increased monthly expenditure, have to face new moody boss)...and the main reason I move to this job is I love reading!! (And I `m not going to tell ya the other reasons)
Kg Fikri such a beautiful and peaceful village. But that’s not my cup of coffee... I find it’s hard to find nearest stall to lunch so that I have to bring my meals from my hometown and let it accompany me driving all the way to my workplace.
Sometimes i feel kind of RALAT accepting this job. :(

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