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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i`m sick of (-) people

i`m tired of entertaining negative people. i tried my best to be as positive as possible and i hope they can feel my positivity and become neutral.
negative people in my opinion are person who always argue with everyone`s opinion or behavior and even worse, they influence others with their bad thought.
talking about (-) people at the workplace. they break rules that we have followed and practice by decades; not realize that the rules are made to guide us to be on the right track or dengan kata lain, elakkan kita dari makan gaji buta.
in my personal opinion, and i`m sure some of u agree with me, terms and regulations at our workplace are not made to burden us.
for example, (this is my friend`s experience) her friend (who is a he) want to leave, but he dont want the administration to deduct his leave balance, so they asked her (my friend) to punched his attendance card for them, while he happily rest for a whole day. my friend, who is a naive girl from kampung, so takut-takut to do it. but thinking of "what friends are for" she manage to do it. this is just not fair for my friend. and i hope this things not gonna happen again. i asked her to be protective to herself. what if the management caught her red handed? i`m so not happy for her doings.
same goes to people yang so negative that they came to the office everyday just to say bad things about others. didn't they realize, that we are not perfect in every way. no one does.
so instead of do the bad things, they better talk about gardening, home decorating, shopping and more happier and merrier things. (^^)

ok. thats all for today. till we meet again on the next post. bye.

p/s> siapa yang minum milo ais, dialah yang rasa sedapnya! :)

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