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Monday, June 21, 2010

Funny Things Found in Returned Books: by Librarian Jan Bild

The Guardian newspaper is to be thanked for bringing this article to our attention having interviewed former librarian, Jan Bild, in Worthing after a 30 year career working in libraries.

The following strange articles were found in the books returned to the library:

* A rasher of uncooked bacon [presumably a book mark]
* A £10 note
* A shoelace
* One large feather
* A bag of hashish in a hole gouged in the book's centre pages
* A Pension book
* Love letters to Edith
* Vomit [sorry]
* Photos
* Page where every letter 'O' had been coloured in
* Bank statements
* Spaghetti

p/s: luckily kat library kmph xde yang tinggalkan barang-barang pelik macam ni. :)

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