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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hard to get- Mini Shopaholic

since this book been released, dh merata2 tempat i cari. sangat susah nk dapat. satu kuantan ni xde. according to salesgirl kat Popular Bookstore, first batch dah sold out, kena tggu second batch which took about 3-4 weeks to arrive. i cant wait any longer! help.. then i searched for the book online and ask for quotation from a seller from mudah.com. surprisingly, the book + posting cost are cheaper than normal price. plus i can save on fuel, parking ticket, and energy. not to mention, setiap kali i keluar, mesti overbudget, pasal suke merapu beli benda yang xde dalam list. :) and now i am waiting for the seller to give me their details on payment so that i can buy the book and the next day, i can read it happily. :) mr seller, please make it fast. and i hope the book worth all of my effort and money since the book cost double of other shopaholic books.

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