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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Red Alert Fever

as stated above, i am officially declared myself on fever because i am addicted to Red Alert 2 and play them like i never played Red Alert before. i dont bother to take shower, do housechores, fold clothes, cooks and etc. i rather enjoying myself sitting in front of the PC and declaring war with the Soviet. and everytime i play, i win! then i started another game. also against the Soviet. i like Allied because their weapons can shoot air militaries as well as lands! :) thnx to my hubby for installing the game in my PC. unfortunately, only Red Alert 2 and Yuri`s Revenge can be installed in my PC. now i miss Red Alert 3 (on my hubby`s laptop). i can only play it during weekend. (because we arent living under one roof, yet).

oh i hate when the soviet uses Kirov Airship!


wenkhadi said...

wow....strategy games.

I used to played red alert 2 last 6 years back.

You also can try multiplayer mode, which u can allied with your husband to defeat an enemies.

Elly said...

waahhh...xterfikir lak nk multiplayer.. :p best2...kena propose ni kat hubby. red alert 3 sgt best. :)