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Monday, February 21, 2011

The best part about LDR

sometimes i spent hours just to think how unlucky i am to be in this long distance marriage. after i watched Sex & The City 2, i just realized i am way more lucky than Gaurou, the butler. (despite the fact that he is fictional character) . this movie widen my eyes about marriage. remember Carrie and Big want to set their own rule of 2 days off to do all the shit they want to do that buggers each other? i cant help but think, that sometimes, we need a time for ourselves. maybe me and my hubby are lucky enough to have 5 days to ourselves. to do our chores our own ways, to do work. i always hate it when he brought home his pile of office work. 

then after separated by 5 days, here come Thursday night, we are newlyweds again! sometimes it is OK to give him time to miss me. i think in this long distance marriage, we will never get bored of each other.  plus, i have 5 days off of doing house chores!

and Allah knows best. maybe He knows that we are not ready for a child, that`s why He postponed to grant our prayers. He just giving us time to indulge in marriage life our own way. we know, Allah will give us the best! insyaallah..just we will keep praying that our marriage stays happy this way eternally.

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