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Monday, December 19, 2011

Loyal Player

I labeled myself as a loyal player. I find it hard to play or switch to a new game. i.e., I played Farmville for almost 3 years. I tried to play other games on Facebook, but I just can’t. The main reason is the game needs commitment, and I only can commit into one game due to time constrain. Yes. I knew it. Many of you think that game is just a game. For me, game is therapy (in Facebook Games case, it involved commitment). I need to do it every single day.

One day, Farmville invited farmers to play Castleville and get rewarded if we passed 5 levels on the game. And so, I played Castleville, JUST to get the reward. Soon, I realized, I love the game! The game is so tempting that I keep playing it until I reached level 10. Then, I realized, I just forgot my farm, and all my plants has become withered and my dog refused to learn new tricks!


And I decided to leave the farm withered. I am not into Farmville anymore. I am into castleville for now on to the next 3 years, maybe.


I can relate my reaction and feelings towards game with my obsession with bags. I don’t have to have many bags. FYI, I owned hundreds of bags once, now I have threw them away because I rarely change handbags and the bag got molding, some of them has chapped, most of them are in bad condition because lack of usage and maintenance. And now, I only have about 6-7 bags and I am happy because I can use them all accordingly. J


It’s the quality we are talking about. We have spent our time and money on games and handbags, so we have to appreciate it. We don’t need to play too many games at once nor do have too many handbags, we have to make use of them to the fullest. For me, that is satisfaction.

Trust me, games and handbags are pets! J

p/s: should I relate this to men too? J

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