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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Think Before You Buy

I was browsing for a perfume on amazon.com. I have read most of the customers’ review on every product I chose. And every single perfume has "do not buy this perfume" review. 

I can tolerate if some of them hate the smell. Of course, some will say the smell is good, some will say stink or stuff, but as long as it is original, I am not hesitating to give it a try. 

Perfume is so subjective, so does shoes. J

So, do some researches before you buy one. Online shopping is very risky for lazy shopper.

p/s: I cannot tolerate fake items.Thank you.

1 comment:

lovefashion said...

I agree with you here! It's always a wise choice to purchase the original because you can be sure with quality of the product! Yes it's expensive but it's all worth it! Research before buying online is very important!

xx lovefashion - clozette.com