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Friday, July 20, 2012

the good old days

somehow i missed myself on years back. about 4-5years ago. i miss when i have nothing to worry, spend on whatever i like, have my loved one (family) on my side, having friends that are always available to hangout on boring night, go to gym, having loads of handbags and my old body shape. those time, we always have plans on weekend. picnic, shopping, to hair saloon and etc. everything is fine back then.

during my workdays that time, lunchtime was the most awaited moment. we always chose a different place whenever we can, ate different food, every time. sometimes, i went home on the lunch-break to eat my mom's cooking. :) the office and my home only took about 10minutes of driving.

i always went home late after office hour because me and my office-mates and hubby (wink!) went for a tea. our favorite place was Ziq cafe and Noodle Station. (yes. i love the drinks there)

not that i hate today and my married life. today's fun and fine. all i can conclude is, i miss living in my hometown. everything is there. with my husband by my side, i am sure, my life couldn't be any happier! it's complete. me, my husband and a home in terengganu.

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