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Daisypath Anniversary tickers


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Thursday, November 29, 2012

this blog is now 4 year old

4 years ago, i started this blog. so many post, so many memories in this. yet, so many post that i deleted because i didn't cover my aurat properly back then. 4 years is a long period. i had so many things that i wish i have the will to write, but of course i didn't. i don't know how to turn blog into diary. i just wrote what i think "if my mom ever read this blog, she wont ashamed of my writings". sometime i was carefully drafted in my mind (of course) what should i write in this blog because the idea always come when i am travelling, but then, when i am ready to write my blogpost masterpiece, it becomes blur. hohoho...

anyway, i just want to wish this blog a happy 4th birthday! may i could write something that will inspire someone someday. cheers!

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wenkhadi said...

happy blogging for 4th year :D