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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Furla candy bag

this is a post of love.
the first time i laid my eyes on furla candy bag, i knew, it will be mine some day. that confidence! that confidence bought me a furla candy bag. i love leather, but super love plastic/rubber candy bag since forever. that bag is the bag. the bag is quite heavy though. but it is for handheld, so it is acceptable. the sewing and finishing of the bag are something i should be proud of for owning one. the "FURLA" stamps surprised me. because it is everywhere. the bag is roomy. i love it for the fact that i can stash a set of telekung in it, without changing the shape of the bag. nevermind people criticized me carrying that bag to work, they just don't know the feeling of carrying a furla.
happiness is very subjective. one of mine is carrying a beautiful bag.
i just love it. it is a dream come true!

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