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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wedding Story

As been told before, on Wednesday night,March 11th, i departed from Terengganu to Johor Bharu for Kak Noreen & Udek and Abg Najeeb & Kak Lin wedding ceremony on 13th,14th and 15th. The Akad Nikah been held on 13th night. Kak Noreen looks extra-beautiful in her white baju kurung. unfortunately, i only manage to take this picture from where i have seated.

after the Akad n Nangis2 session, then come to Malam Berinai, which i only knew whats by that words on the night. its some kind of adat which similar to bersanding.

The event for the night ends at 12pm. On the next day, there comes a great celebration where the kenduri been held and bersanding. Take a look at those pics:-

and i get really exhausted that day...

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