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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shop in 15mins

Since i don't have much time to spend on my passion, i sneaked out with nazeerah to Jusco Tebrau to satisfy my feelings just before my journey home to KTrganu. and in 15 minutes, i managed to get 5 pieces of blouses and shirts at Padini. Guess what i can get if i have extra 30 minutes.. :p this is one of the shirts.

Picture taken 2 hours before making way back home. It fits me well. I feel so rugi because i only bought two which i think i should buy 6! :p


inari shijo said...

oh elly..i juge jeles cos in 15min u can buy all those things!!!!

Elly said...

i kan ade PhD in shopping.. :) kalau stakat 3 mins sehelai baju tu xde masalah.. :P muat ke x baju tu dah xpedulik..jnji beli dulu..hahha..

duOne_sTarz said...

shopping la akak oi...