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Saturday, March 21, 2009


I`m looking for extra income business just to cover my monthly expenditure which getting worst everyday. i choose to make-more-money instead of save-some. i cant help on do the savings because i love to spend. :p my dad told me i have to put on extra effort on my side-income which is do life insurances. i just cant do it well simply because my full time job requires me to work 24/7 and i rarely can have enough rest on my weekends which is very bad for me as if i`m get stress i go shopping and eating and sadly, i easily become overdose on eating & spending. Weekends means i can get up very late in the morning, (or should i call evening?) have a restful day of watching television, gaming, sleep again, reading, sleep and sleep..oh...how miss that moment..Hurm..i`m getting merapu..the main reason i post this entry just because i really hope someone can suggest me what should i do to make extra income-which are easy, low capital, xnk cari org, preferably online jobs. Anyone?

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