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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Please gov, i need bonus! :)

aidilfitri is just around the corner! in my mind, there are like million things to buy and do. Plus, this is the first time for me to celebrate aidilfitri with my hubby`s family. away from my family, since my parents and siblings, grandma, to'ki,closest aunties and uncles and cousins all gathering at KL/Selangor to celebrate it! *sobs*

celebrating raya here, in Terengganu, means more happening and eventful. that's also means i have to shop more! :) as always. shopping calms me. :)
here is the list! :)

  • baju kurung plain * 2
  • chiffon blouse
  • proper blouse * 3
  • leggings
  • jeans
  • shoes/ wedges
  • new wallet. a Coach maybe.
  • shoes for to'ki
  • wallet n belt for ayah. mark n spencer sounds good.
  • collared shirts for hubby * 2
  • jeans slack for hubby * 2
  • Hijab. specifically Ariani.

p/s: hubby, i always love u. forever and a day! :)

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