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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pregnancy Test Strip For SALE!

"Early pregnancy test strips.

Wondfo one step HCG urine test is a repid pregnancy test ,which you can easily carry out yourself ,It detects the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin(“HCG”),Which appears in urine very early during pregnancy.
For in vitro self-testing use only ,For external use only.
Pregnancy tests are designed to detect human chorionic gonadotropin hormone - or hCG - a hormone that is created by the developing placenta shortly after conception.
Our FDA-Approved pregnancy tests are over 99% accurate hCG (a hormone present in women's urine during pregnancy and are capable of detecting at level of just 20/mlU/hCG.
That means you can test earlier well before your first missed period.


Human chorionic gonadotropin(HCG)is a hormone,produced by the developing placenta shortly after the conception and secreted into the urine.The pregnancy test contains antibodies which specifically react with this hormone.
 When the strip is immersed into a urine specimen,capillary action carries the specimen to migrate along the membrane.When HCG in the sample reaches the Test zone region of the membrane,it will form a colored line,Absence of this colored line suggests a negative result. To serve as a procedure control,a colored line will appear at control zone region,if the test has been performed properly."

price per package (1 strip) : RM 7 (including posting via pos ekspress) 

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