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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

got refunded from Maybank 2 times

Last month, i went shopping with my parents at Midvalley Megamall. feels good to shop with parents. will be even better if i have my hubby around.

then i went shop and shop and shop. end up with 2 blouses, a blazer, a sunglasses and a short pant for my hubby.

its  always feels good to spend, until i realized and stare at Maybank ATM, with jaws open, disbelief with a thought " now i only have that sum in my account? how can i survive for 2 weeks before the next gaji?" T_T


however, with tap water i filled and mixed in my shampoo and shower gel, i somehow survived!

hahahha...still not related to the title right?

here it is;

for the blouse i paid using my Maybank Visa Debit Card, i got refunded, a full total refund for the price of the blouse. i really dont know how this has worked, but somehow i am happy. now it gives me another reason to shop for blouse!

and that was the second refund i got last week.

the first one, about a year ago, i got refunded for buying a handbag online! :)

i got the bag, and the blouse! and my money back!

another reason to shop for bags!

i heart u maybank! :)
and Paypal! :)

p/s: hope to get refund from PDRM for the summon i paid.... haik!!!

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