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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Farewell, bestie

i don't know how to start. when i found out my BFF's application to transfer to another college has been approved, i was speechless! from that night until today, i am still having sleepless night or at least i have trouble with falling asleep for i cannot stop thinking of how my life would be after she is moving. it is not solely because she is my business partner, it is because she is THE only one i can talk about mostly anything related to this college politics and environment. of course she is the only one who knows my feeling towards other co-worker. when i have trouble, i talk to her. she is a good listener i may say. and i am so relieved after i had her listened to my issues.

writing this entry make me want to cry.

she is the only business partner i want to have because she always lift me up whenever i feel lazy and demotivated. not to mention, she always stay calm even she have to wake me up in the morning to start making sandwiches. if you read this, i want to thank you for waking me up today and i am sorry for making our attendance card turns to red because of my lateness.

now, i start thinking of how my night would be after this. because i live by myself here, in Gambang. when she is here, whenever i feel afraid, i can always call her to tumpang tidur at her house. not to mention, i am easily panic type when it comes to sudden darkness especially blacked out. having her as a neighbor, i can panic-ally running to her house, bringing pillow and comforter and sleep at her house. 

i am not only befriended her, but her families as well. Oh god, i will miss her mom's cooking and love and such. i am literally crying at this point.

i cannot imagine having a vacant house beside mine. in term of our business, i am thinking of doing this business alone because i don't think i can work this business out with others. having the others, i am afraid i will appoint myself as a boss, or she will appoint herself as a boss. i like how i am having right now, a business partner, where we can share thoughts together, on how to expand our business. i love the fact that i am having a brainstorm partner right now and for the next 2 weeks. she is it.

i am never imagine i can write a literally long entry like this one when at the start, i don't even know what should i say. but believe me, i have a thousand more to write about how wonderful she is.

i wont mention a name here. she know who she is. and i would like to thank you for always being there for me. this farewell would be one of the most hardest part in my life. i pray for your happiness and success, as we always pray and wish each other a good luck every time we want to check the sandwiches balance.

it is hard to find someone nowadays, who are not moody. and i know i am not having another best friend anymore here. lets wish for an approval of my transferring application. another reason for me to lead a life beside my husband, in our lovely hometown.

farewell friend. thanks for being nice to me.


wenkhadi said...

This is the best entry I ever read from your blog :).

Btw.. dont worry..time will heal. Hope u will find somebody else good as her ...soon.

Suhaily Che Mohamad Shukri said...

best entry. not the best feeling though. thnx for reading anyway....