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Monday, September 24, 2012

fatty issue

I am trying to be skinny or at least to thin, all my life since I hit puberty. Since that, my body weight has been increased till I reached 64kg when I’m in form 3. At that time, I started to think I need a serious help. I have to go on a strict diet. By strict diet, I meant, I can’t take any carbohydrates at all. And it works. I lost 12kgs in less than 6 months. Early form 4, I weighed only 52kg. (I was 156cm tall btw). I had the body weight maintained for about 3 years. The weight was around 50kg to 56kg, which for me, that was nice and I am not ashamed of wearing a fitted shirt at that time. I can fit into size S easily. Moreover, I was chosen for PLKN program. Oh how I miss the active life and good sweat. After PLKN was the time when I gained my weight because I have nothing to do besides staying at home, watching television and eat. When I register for my diploma in UITM Machang, I was 64kg! And my weight has never been decrease from that moment. 
Now,I have to go on a strict diet again because i cannot bear anymore the hardship of choosing blouse and jeans. please motivate me~


wenkhadi said...

this can help u.

I lost 3kg in 1 month


Suhaily Che Mohamad Shukri said...

hahahha..ok..thnx.. :)