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Thursday, November 13, 2014

well i play games, alot!

this is the longest rest i have ever gave to my beloved blog. i haven't write for a while. keeping myself busy by playing games. as for now, i am playing 3 games which are Clash of Clans (c.o.c), Hayday and Kardashian Hollywood. Aside of this game, its quite a hectic month i had lately at the workplace. making myself feeling restless and exhausted.

c.o.c of course, require me to give my full commitment to this game as if it is my daughter. haha. i started playing this game on dec 2013, but playing seriously on march 2014 i guess. i cant remember the exact date. this game is so addictive, i even use the real money to buy the gems. it is a strategy game consisting multiplayer battle including clan wars. what making it is more addictive is being in the right clan. clanmates that keep supporting each other and loyalty are the backbone of the clan's strength.

hayday is typical farming buy and sell game. what makes it different is, it has neighborhood that we can rely on and requesting help to complete the missions. this game literally help me reduce my real shopping addiction because the game itself is shopping game i may say. we buy crops at lower price, grow them and sell them back at higher or same price. we can get the profit because the crops doubled when we plant it back.

kardashian is a game of building a glamorous career and make it to an A-List celebrity.not much strategies require in this game. only time management skills needed. a relaxing game for me while waiting for my troops training to finish on c.o.c.

p/s: i wrote this entry while playing coc! :)

try it!

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